Friday, September 2, 2011

"Incredible Artists, Wonderful People" - September

This month I have the honor of introducing to you (if you don't already know her) the super talented Doreen Gay-Kassel, a fantastic artist & illustrator who with a keen eye makes her sculptures "talk". Sometimes funny, others scary-cute , and always sweet!

I asked her to, in one question, share with us how she does her magic, how, without words, she makes her sculptures tell a story, and how to keep the art of "story telling" alive in one single piece"

This is what she said... 

When I start a piece I sometimes have a 'story' in my head about the creature. But often I just dive in & the attitude & expression often dictate my direction. 

 I did a pair of ornies, Mister Frankenstein & his bride, the only narrative I had in mind for them was the movie pair. I drew on memories from the original film & the later comedy, 'Young Frankenstein'. The humor in Mr & Mrs evolved as I sculpted them.


So often the story is in the eyes. So when I made Frankenstein's eyes I had them looking at his bride with a little trepidation & I had her expression & eyebrows pretty stern. That was their story, even though I didn't plan it, as I worked the eyes & expressions it gave them humor. 

The turn of the head also gives the creature a certain vulnerability & I try to cock the head a bit on some pieces. So... I guess it really comes down to the eyes & the attitude of the head, just like an illustration.

Thank you so very much Doreen, you are truly one of my favorite artist out there, and its wonderful to share with you this fantastic world of polymer clay art!  <3

You can find her work here:


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