Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Owl Fever

It's an owl fever out there...
...and I'm guilty of being part of it! ;)

Owls are fascinating creatures, nocturnal hunting birds with eyes that can look deep into your soul. They are intelligent, sharp, mysterious and avid hunters, that have enchanted us all.

But it seems that we have been fascinated with them since forever! :) If you do a google search, you will find that in ancient times, the owl was a symbol attributed to Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom and strategy.

Native Americans attributed owls with wisdom and sacred knowledge.

In other cultures, the owl was believed to be the keeper of spirits who had passed from one plane to another, this gave the owl a dark & mysterious symbolism.

During medieval times, it was believed that owls were actually witches and wizards in disguise, or that they were related.

Today, the owl is often used as a symbol for education & knowledge... 

...What does an owl mean for you?
...Are you too, under their spell? :)

I love owls, making them in clay, is something I truly enjoy. Having people love my original owl designs, and making them one of my best seller pieces, is awesome! :) 


These owls are part of ClayCatShop's new anniversary line. One of them will be a prize for our anniversary giveaway, that will take place in mid September. Follow ClayCatShop for details and news.
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  1. Que lindos te quedaron! Me encantan lo coloridos que los pusiste! Me fascinaria poder hacer manualidades como tu.

  2. Me encantaron todos! estan lindos! Adoro las manualidades!!! Ya te estoy siguiendo!Espero me visites!


  3. Hermosisimos te quedan!!!! me encantan las manualidades!! saludos!

  4. Se ven divinos. Esos colores que usaste los embellecen aun mas. Toda una artista!

  5. Hola Adriana estan bellisimo! Para mi los buhos tienen un gran valor sentimental porque eran los favoritos de mi Abuela. Estos le encantarian. Un abrazote!
    Helena de

  6. Muchas Gracias chicas! :)
    Que lindo lo que me escribes Helena! <3

    Estare regalando uno de mis buhos en mi blog pronto con motivo de la celebracion de 16 anios en el mundo del arte con plastilina y arcilla polimerica.. :) Detalles para participar pronto! :)

  7. I love owls...and yours are wonderful!:)

  8. tengo una amiga que moriría por tener unos de estos búhos :)

  9. Thank you! If you see my latest post, you can win one! :) <3 Just leave a comment and you will be entered in our giveaway! :)