Thursday, August 25, 2011

Easy & fun Circus Party center pieces! :)

Remember our "A Circus Princess" party?

A Circus Party  Copyright © 2011ClayCatShop
We created fun center pieces to go along with the theme!

You too can make your own circus center pieces!

You will need: plastic popcorn containers, foam, shredded paper, colorful lollipops and a fancy tag to give your party a unique & fun look! Follow the simple graphic steps bellow and you will be ready in no time! :)

You can also make your own playful "lips" & "mustaches" for great pictures and some laughs! :)

Have Fun! 

Adriana :-)


  1. Muy lindo todo! Me encantan los colores que trae a la fiesta!

  2. Todo esta muy bonito. Me encanto. Gracias.