Friday, August 19, 2011

"Incredible Artists, Wonderful People"

I want to introduce you to a new monthly post: "Incredible artists, Wonderful People".

Through these monthly posts I will be sharing with you the art and life of some of my favorite people in the world, who inspire me one way or another...  Ready?
Meet Noelia Contreras Martin, a dear friend, and incredibly talented Spanish Polymer Clay artist, who turns clay into incredibly realistic mini treats! Be prepared to feel hungry by just looking at her yummy treats!
She is also a very versatile artist who explores her passion for clay and shares her findings through classes and in her blog.


1) How did you discover your passion for polymer clay and how long have you been working with it and in this particular method?
I discovered polymer clay through other friends and crafters's through the "Abalorio's forum". I knew about polymer clay from before but I didnt know you could create so many wonderful things as I saw there. On 2006 I started to experiment with it and I must say it was a great discovery because I love it!!! I started making mini-food for jewelry not too long ago. My friend Irene introduced me to this because I fell in love with her mini doughnuts!

2)  Have you ever left your "comfort zone" and tried new things in clay?
Miniatures are something that I never pictured myself doing. At the end its one of the things that I do the most, besides that I can't tell you anything else, as I usually do what I am most comfortable with.

3) What inspires you to create, clients? fashion? seasons?
Everything and anything inspires me, our surroundings are a great source of inspiration, textures, colors, shapes.... food inspires my miniatures. I also create by client's special requests. I don't follow fashion nor seasons, I do what I like without giving those things another thought.

4) Is there a special technique or style that you would love to explore in the future?
There are lots that I would like to explore and for one reason or another I haven't been able to yet. I'd love to work with clay and silver, mixing different materials. I think this makes the piece richer.

5) Do you have any advice for those who would like to learn your art?
Never to set limits, we always surprise ourselves in what we can achieve.

Thank you Noelia, for sharing part of your world and work with us! You are an amazing artist! 


Please visit this sites to see more of her incredible work:


Para español presiona aqui: Entrevista a Noelia


  1. las manualidades me encantan! y siempre me la pasa inventado algo, este tipo de trabajo es muy lindo!!

  2. Wow. Que perfeccion. Uds dos son increibles!!

  3. Que belleza! Si parecen reales, hasta dan ganas de pegarles un mordisco. Hermoso el trabajo que hace Noelia.
    Saludos desde California!

  4. Wow que belleza!! se ven tan reales y ricos!! jajajaja seria un peligro frente a un nino!!