Thursday, November 18, 2010

A great idea for a unique & personal Teacher's gift

Are you looking for something unique & personal to give to your kid's teachers this year? this could be it. The best part is that you can engage your children in this activity! They will LOVE the time together and feel extra proud of the present!

Three simple steps: 1) Buy polymer clay at any craft store. 2) Make either holiday faces like the ones below or anything you and your child come up with. 3) Use tins or pails to fill with chocolates or anything that you want to give and voila! you have a cute, personal present.

Happy Creative Holidays!  =)

Little polymer clay faces and figures work great!

Attach them to the tins or pails and fill with the with goodies!

Wrap them, add a tag and you have got yourself a great gift!

Happy Creative Holidays! =)

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