Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Critter's Holiday Tree

This past week while being on a clay-workaholic-spree I came to a point where I wondered, now what? I had been creating holiday items for a show and at a point I asked myself, now what? my Santas and Mangers on rocks from the Mediterranean were done...  what could I create that was different, yet shared the merryness of the season? I lifted my eyes and there it was, my dog holding his favorite toy, a stuffed Raccoon! =) ....and that's how I came to create the Critter's Holiday Tree!

Raccoons are one of my favorite animals, and seeing the funny side of it, I decided to get inspired in the critters that steal the best fruit out of my trees! =) ...Maybe I should leave candy canes so they will spare my figs, apples and plums =)

Painting with clay =)

Baked and almost ready.

The Critter's Holiday Tree

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