Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Polymer Clay in Paradise

I first heard of Polymer Clay about 17 years ago. Back then I was working with Plasticine in Margarita Island, "painting" island scenes and island life with it. The tourists loved it, and I discovered my life's passion.

Its been quite a long time since those days, and as I meet more and more wonderful polymer clay artists and even plasticine artists, I am always marveled when I get to meet someone who shares the same love for "clay painting" as I do.

This year I was greatly surprised to discover a wonderful artist while vacationing in Oahu, Hawaii. Her name is Jean Bullen, her work is beautiful. She brings to life island scenes with color mastery, polymer clay details and love! As my kids said: "you can almost feel the waves in her beach scenes, and hear the waterfalls"

Not only is her work truly amazing but her personality as well. It was a pleasure meeting her and chatting about our love for art & polymer clay.

Next time you are in Oahu, make sure to contact her, and take home some of her beautiful island scenes that are sure to bring a smile to your heart for years to come. :)

Her contact information:
Jean Bullen
email: Hookili808@yahoo.com

Aloha dear friends!


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