Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Incredible Artists, Wonderful People: Helena Bogosian

Returning to our monthly digest of my favorite artists, this month I have the honor of introducing to you one of my favorite artists in the clay world: (drum roll) Super talented HELENA BOGOSIAN! :) :)

Helena is an award winning artist and illustrator. From her books to the magazines that feature her work, her passion for clay comes alive in her beautiful and colorful pieces! Her illustrations are fun, educational and full of wonderful details!!!

Here is our Interview:

-When & how did you discovered your passion for clay?

I loved working with clay when I was a child. I used to make little figures out of modelling clay.

It was such fun to be able to make something I could play with too.

-What do you prefer plasticine or polymer clay?

I use polymer clay for my illustrations. Because it can be baked, it is more durable and easier for me to take on school visits.

-What would you consider your biggest challenge?

My biggest challenge is photographing my work. It took a long time to learn how to do it. I still struggle with it every time. 

As far as sculpting goes, sometimes I tend to second guess my work. I have trained myself to let it be and accept it the way it is once I am done.

Sometimes, what is in my mind doesn't look exactly like the piece and I can get caught up in trying to get the two to match.

I have learned what I envision and what I actually create are related, but are two seperate things. A harmony of sorts I suppose.

-Is there anything you dream of doing and hope to try one day in the world of clay?

Recently, I have started making art dolls. I am a big fan of the art form and wanted to contribute to it.

Your dolls are not only adorable but sublime art pieces!! Thank you very much Helena for sharing with us your wonderful artwork!!! :)

To learn more of Helena and her amazing work, visit her website: www.helenabogosian.com
Or her Facebook fan page: www.facebook.com/Helena-Bogosian-Illustration


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