Saturday, September 22, 2012

Our Etsy Shop is ready for Halloween!

Even though "time" this year seem to have gone by faster than ever, we were able to create new art sculptures and unique cake toppers for Halloween.

Meet our 2012 Green Witches:


 Our Vintage style girl witch:

An all time favorite, Frankenstein and his beautiful bride:

A Midnight Owl:

A very sweet and dangerous girl, Mrs. Dracula in a gothic pendant: 

And a Very cute Day of the Dead Bride, awaiting her groom.. this item is not on our Etsy shop yet, but will soon be. If you would like to order it, send a message to:

Made to order and fully customizable Day of the Dead Sugar skulls:

For more visit:


Stay tuned for an interview with a wonderful Venezuelan artist, Ivan Salgrero coming in October! :)

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