Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Mine-Mine-Mine and the fantastic energy at the Euro Clay Carnival 2011

A few very busy weeks have passed since I came back from my first ever clay event!

As a graphic designer I've attended many conferences & workshops, but as an artist this was my first, and what an amazing experience it was!

This year, the Europe Clay Carnival was held in Bad Homburg, Germany. I guess this puzzles my friends as they keep asking me, "Why did you go to Germany for a clay event?" Well, I had never been in Germany (so that was an adventure right there), the teacher line up was great!, and I loved the idea of meeting my Artists friends from Europe in person (I already knew many of them on Facebook), plus I have family living in Portugal and Spain (my brother and my sister), so I decided to take two weeks and make it a business/fun-family trip.

Beautiful & wonderful friends, Eva, Anke, Bettina & Donna
I had the opportunity to attend classes by polymer clay artists such as Eva Ehmeier, Bettina Welker, Donna Kato, Leslie Blackford & Kiki (Ulrike) It was wonderful to meet them all and to see how they work, learn techniques and processes! :)

I also need to mention that I LOVED my dear roommate, the international classroom and table friends! You guys rock! :) I miss you all!!!

Eva & me right after winning her brooch

or the power of visualization at the Euro Clay Carnival! :) 

While at the ECC, Bettina had mentioned how she wanted to win one of Eva's golden boxes and she had said: "mine-mine-mine" and won it! Wonderful!, right? :) 

Well, remembering this, when it was time for the raffle on our last night, I went to Eva's table and she mentioned that one of her brooches was in the raffle, so I looked at her and said: "I call it, its MINE, MINE, MINE!" we both laughed and when the time came for Eva's brooch, I started thinking, "please let it be #4!!! Please let it be mine". Somehow I missed the English translation, as all I hear was "vier", "vier" (it sounds like "feer", which I associated it with five) and I looked at Eva and she looked at me, and I say, Ohhh, I have #4 and put a sad face, but she is signaling YES, its you! and I am like WHAT??? lol it was the most incredible win ever! I jumped out of my seat, went and hugged her, ran to get my prize and couldnt stop laughing & jumping! LOL

Carmen, me & Katarina :) 3 of the lucky winners!

To make things even more fun for this story, my dear friends Carmen from Romania and Katarina from Slovenia also said, "Mine-Mine-Mine" for the wonderful bead-strand and Donna's beautiful pendant! Here we are the 3 lucky winners who now swear by "Mine-Mine-Mine" :)

Almost all the group! Wonderful artist, great new friends!

Europe was great! In Germany I met a long time friend and his beautiful family who gave me an unforgettable tour of Frankfurt!

In Portugal & Spain I got to spend quality time with my dear family!!! I had a WONDERFUL time!! :)...and yes, now I am day-dreaming of my next trip to a fun & wonderful clay event, wherever that might be! :) (I just need to save some money again! lol)



  1. Que lindas fotos! En todas te ves feliz! Y que bueno que aprovechaste para visitar a la familia.

  2. Qué linda experiencia. Ojalá que se repita en tu vida una ocasión como ésta, de viajar a países y de conocer personas diferentes con cosas en común. Saludos!

  3. Maravillosa experiencia! Muy completa ademas, aprender, conocer gente interesante, visitar paisajes preciosos y compartir tiempo con la familia. Perfecto! Me encantaron las fotos.


  4. wow! I am sure it was an exciting and amazing time! I love the pictures! and I am sure you did enjoy every second!

  5. I sooo believe in the mine mine mine concept! Ask Sissy about the ipad crom latism! I kept telling her that i needed to finish the bingo because that thing was mine! And guess who won?

    I am glad you enjoyed your training! I once went to a cake conference and had the best time ever!

  6. Wow, from now on I will say "MINE, MINE, MINE". What an amazing trip! I wish I could have free time to travel, but with 3 kids and a house to run it's a bit difficult. Thank you for sharing your story!


  7. Una historia fascinante. Que rico poder viajar y disfrutar con la familia. Gracias por compartir tu experiencia.

  8. Que linda experiencia! Me encantaron las fotos. Muchas Gracias por compartir